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Kathy and I were colleagues as academicians at the School of Optometry and researchers at the Centre for Contact Lens Research (CCLR) for over 2 decades until my retirement in 2010.

Kathy has an exceptional educational background and has proven expertise in designing clinical trials and conducting clinical research. She has worked independently and is equally great as a team player. Even more impressive was her leadership of large research groups within the CCLR and marshaling multicenter research efforts.

Kathy has so many enviable qualities such as boundless enthusiasm, verbal and written communication skills, an unmatched work ethic and thinks globally but is concerned about detail. She has served in leadership roles for various professional organizations because of her well- established stature.

I have had numerous occasions to work closely with Kathy Dumbleton on a wide range of projects. She has always been exceptionally responsive and creative when it comes to addressing the aims of the sponsor, yet always with a consistently ethical and professional approach.

She managed numerous projects for us from the ground up, developing original strategy and techniques that have stood the tests of time and peer review. We always appreciated not only her follow-through to project completion, but also to eventual presentation and publication, making these projects particularly valuable to the sponsor.

Her communications skills are well honed. She is a respected author and lecturer. Having Kathy present work she has done on your behalf is always a pleasure and an honor. I recommend her work without reservation.

Peter BergenskePeter Bergenske OD FAAO, Former Director of Professional and Clinical Support Alcon Laboratories, Inc. and former Director of Clinical Research and Development CIBA Vision.

I have known Kathy for some 20 years, as our respective organisations interacted in terms of research and clinical trials activity over most of that period. She has always impressed me as a high achiever with outstanding organizational abilities, coupled to a clear focus on the ends of whatever project she has in view.

Kathy also writes and speaks beautifully, whether communicating scientific findings or in an educational setting. These qualities, together with her intelligence, leadership skills and “do it today” attitude, make her an excellent clinical researcher and an outstanding project leader.

Kathy and I have collaborated on clinical research projects for over 20 years. I have always found her to be organized, creative and timely in the conduct of the studies and a pleasure to work with. Unlike some researchers, she has a clear understanding of how to translate the research findings not only into scientific presentations and manuscripts, but also into valuable continuing education for clinicians. She is a clear thinker from concept to communication phase of the projects.

In addition to being a frequent lecturer in the US and UK, more recently, Kathy has taken up leadership roles in the American Academy of Optometry’s American Optometric Foundation. This service to the profession gives her a very prominent and influential position within our profession.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Kathy as a partner to help you meet your clinical research needs.

Robin CharmersRobin Chalmers OD FAAO FBCLA, Clinical Trial Consultant Atlanta, GA, USA.